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This is a website about the search for, purchase of, import of and life with a GAZ 24 Volga.

Starting point: It’s a good looking car – I want one.

Following thought: Now that parts of former Soviet Union are members of the EU, it should actually be possible to import a car without too much trouble (as I’m based in Sweden).

Action: Travel to the Baltic states, look for a car and drive it home (with the help of a ferry over the Baltic Sea obviously). Then fix the car and have it registered in Sweden.

Then: My car passed the Swedish registration/inspection process and became road legal. For over two years it was all about driving it and fix/improve/renovate various things as we went along.

Currently: I am without the Volga – in December 2015 it was sold to a car museum in northern Sweden: Härnösands bilmuseum.

My time with the Volga is documented in blog form on this website, in Swedish.

My GAZ 24 Volga on a trip from Stockholm to Berlin.

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